Friday, December 12, 2008

I am not very good and keeping everybody in the blogging world up to date on what has been going on in our lives, life just gets so busy. My sister told me that I had to post, because last sunday I had an eye injury. Even though the story sounds unbelievable its completely true.
Last sunday I went down to Malad to help my Dad catch 500 chukars so he could take them to Oregon to a hunting club that bought them. We started to catch the birds around 10:00 pm because they are easier to catch in the dark because they are roosting. All 500 birds were in the catch pen that is probably around 15ft by 15ft. We use big nets and then transfer the birds from the nets to the boxes that they will travel in. Because there are 500 birds in such a small pen birds fly everywhere. As I reached with the net to scoop some birds up one bird flew and hit me directly in the eye. I told you it was a pretty unbelievable story.
My eye is actually fine I can see good out of it still it just looks horrible because I broke a bunch of blood vessels which has caused it to turn red.
Here are a couple of pictures:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crazy Scheduales

I know, its been forever since I have posted anything but life can get awfully busy.  These past few months have just been crazy.  I started teaching the 18th of August and that has really taken up all my free time. I keep telling myself that after the first year I won't have to spend so much of my free time at home creating lesson plans, and getting stuff ready for class the next day. Here is my daily routine; I wake up at 6:00 and get ready for school, meet the ladies I car pool with in the mall parking lot at 6:50, arrive at school at 7:30,  I get back to Pocatello from school around 4:30, start preparing tomorrows lessons for the three classes I teach and correct homework, eat dinner around 8:30-9:00, then try to be in bed by 10:00.  I really look forward to friday nights and saturdays because I refuse to do any school work on those days because I need a break.

Besides work, there has been a few other things that have happened.  Meagan came home for a visit earlier this month, which worked out great for me because we get out of school for two weeks during the first of October for spud harvest. It was great to visit with her, especially since she will not be able to come back home for Christmas this year. I have also been able to relax and go hunting quite a bit. Just being outside and veiwing all the beautiful scenery we have here in Idaho can ease the stress levels immensely.  Morgan started coaching again this fall.  This time she is the head coach at Shelley High School.  Her team did really well considering she did not have a single senior.  They finished second in the district and lost their play in game for the state tournament. She is still working the night shifts at the hospital to. When she has her 6 days on at work I hardly get to see her.  I leave before she is home, and she is at practice when I get home, I see her for about 30 minutes as she gets ready for work then she is off again. Now that her season is over we will be able to see each other more often. Her brother got married last weekend so we had the opportunity to go to the Logan Temple with them.  Its always nice to visit the temple and be around family. Hopefully it won't be another three months until I post again but the way life is who knows.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Morgan and I went down to Malad for Independence Day. Its was good to celebrate our Nations Independence, and thank god that we are lucky enough to live in a free country. Morgans grandparents were even in the parade. They got to ride in the back of a buggy that was being pulled by a team of horses. Parades in small towns are the best because you know almost everyone that is in them. After the parade we just relaxed and visited our families. Morgans brother Court and his family came up from Utah, and her other brother Rocky came back from his internship at Hells Canyon Dam. As always Malads firework show was pretty impressive for a small town, however I don't think it was quite as good as it has been in the past. All in all it was a great holiday, I hope everyone else had a great Independence Day to.

This is just one of the nice old cars that was in the parade.

This was a very interesting looking car. The rumor around Malad was that this was one of only two cars like this that exist, the relative of someone in Malad owns this one and Jay Leno owned the other. Isn't it crazy how fast rumors can get around a small town.

Only in Malad do you see old tractors in the parade.

Here is a Picture of Morgans' Grandparents in the Independence Day parade.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Since it has been over a month since I have posted anything I thought that I should add a quick update. The only REAL BIG news that has happened since the last post is that my sister and Ben are going to be parents. Their baby is due around the 9th of January. Other then that Summer has definitely arrived here in Southeast Idaho. The average high temperature has been in the high 80's. Personally I wish it would go back to being 60 degrees and rainy.

Morgan has started doing volleyball stuff in preparation for the up coming session. So far she is pretty optimistic about the prospects of her team, but they have only had a couple of open gyms so far.

This past weekend the Crittenden's came up to Stone Reservoir for what has become an annual camp out. I got to go over and visit everyone for a couple of hours last Saturday. It was good to see them and just visit for a while. As usual my cousins seemed to be having a blast water skiing, and wake boarding behind Shawns' boat. They also looked like they were getting plenty of sun. Granny and Gramps even came up for a couple of days.

This is Stone Reservoir, its not very wide but its quite long. The Bright Blue color makes this one of the prettiest reservoirs that I have seen.

Here we all are sitting in the shade of some trees during the hottest part of the day just relaxing and visiting.

Granny enjoyed her time camping, well at least she enjoyed the company.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything, but in all honesty nothing to exciting has happened. I have been helping my Grandpa Rose put the wheel lines back together, because the wind tore them apart a few weeks ago. I have also been fencing a bit. Morgan is done with club volleyball now. In there last tourneyment her team did really well and ended up winning the Region. She was really excited, the girls even get shirts that say intermountain volleyball region champs. Her team is suppose to be having a BBQ tomorrow but the weather might screw up her plans. It has been so nice up until today and now its 50 and rainny and tomorrow is not suppose to be any better. Maybe they can do it at a church or something.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reno Trip

Well the trip to Reno was great. I have always liked road trips because I get to see new scenery that I have never seen before. On this road trip I learned that there is whole lot of nothing in Nevada. However I happen to think that wide open space is the most beautiful scenery so this drive was perfect for me. We left Pocatello at 8:30 in the morning and after eight hours of driving arrived in Sparks where we checked in to our motel. After we checked in we went over to the Reno/Sparks convention center where the Volleyball tournament was and checked the team in. The convention center was huge, there was 77 volleyball courts set up inside. I had no idea that there were so many crazy volleyball people in the world. The next day we had to be at the convention center at 7:30 because Morgans team was in the morning session. Her team played three games that day and did not play up to their potential, the team went 1-2. The next day, which was my birthday, her team did much better winning all three games. After her last game on the 26th got over we took a ride down to Carson City, and then over to Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe was beautiful, it was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, and very clear. On the drive over to Tahoe I noticed what I thought was a strange looking pine tree, but on closer inspection i found out that it was a cell phone tower that had been disguised as a pine tree. You know your in a rich area when they go to all the trouble of hiding cell towers so they don't distract from the natural scenery. The last day we were there Morgans team lost their first game and then they were done. It was kind of frustrating because her team could have done alot better, but they did improve. Going into the tournament they were ranked 53 and they finished 51. It was a fun trip but as always it was nice to get back home.

Here are a few Pictures we took

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well since I posted last I have been pretty busy. This past week I have spent endless hours on a tractor playing farm boy. I actually enjoy doing the tractor work it gives me alot of time to think, and to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Shaun Hannity on talk radio. I also went last thursday to Aberdeen for a job inerview. They call me back the next day and offered me the job, so after I talked to Morgan I decided to take the job. I will be teaching biology, basic Anatomy and Physiology, and maybe Zoology. I wasn't really excited on having three preps, but the periods are only 50 minutes long so planning each lesson wont take as long as it did in Blackfoot were the periods were 70 minutes long. I am excited but also a bit nervous.
This coming weekend Morgan and I are heading to Reno. She has a volleyball tourneyment down there and didn't want to drive all by herself, so I get to go along to. I am kinda looking forward to it because I have never been to the Reno, Tahoe area. It should be fun.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well this past week I have been going to job fairs and sending in applications for teaching positions. I interviewed for a job in Idaho Falls at a Charter School earlier today. At the charter school I would be teaching sixth, seventh, and eight graders. There are two other jobs that maybe promising. One is in Aberdeen, which is about 40 miles from Pocatello, and the other is at Pocatello High School. The Aberdeen job is also at the high school. So far the Aberdeen School District seems to be the most interested of the two high school positions. I would really like to get the Pocatello job because we would not have to move anywhere, and because Morgan has been coaching the volleyball team there for the past couple of years.
The snow has finally all but melted in the valleys. I even did a little bit of fencing last saturday. It was nice to be outside doing physical labor again, after a long cold winter.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dads 50th Birthday

This past week was my dads 50th birthday. My mom wanted to through a big party for him but thats really not my dads style, so we had a little get together with my grandparents and my parents friends. I have started to fill out a couple of job applications for the fall. One of the jobs is in Idaho Falls, and the other is in Aberdeen.

Easter as fun we went up over to Morgan, UT to visit my Granny and Gramps last saturday. It was good to see them, it had been a while since I had seen my grandma. On sunday we did the easter thing with the Jones's. Morgans brother Court and his wife and baby came up so the whole family was there.
Below are a few pictures of my Dad in the sleeping bag that Me and Meagan got him for his birthday. Its suppose to be rated to -25 degrees, so he should stay toasty.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still winter

The snow was completely gone up here in Pocatello until yesterday. We got about 6 inches of new snow, to help reminded us that winter is still not quite over. I took drive today up into the mountains that are east of Pocatello and they still have lots of snow. Hopefully with all the snow that we have been receiving this year the farmers will be able to have good crops. I went and talked to the people at Blackfoot High School that are going to give me letters of recommendation, and I am going to have them send in confidential letters. The confidential recommendation means that I will not know what the letter says about me, kinda scary, but I'm confident that they will give me good recommendations. I think future employers will like the fact that I had enough confidence in how I performed that I did not need to read and hand pick recommendations that were guaranteed to be positive.

Morgan has her short week of work this week so hopefully we will get to see more of each other. Her volleyball team did very well in the tournament this past weekend in Salt Lake. I believe they finished in the top 15. I am not certain how many teams there are but I want to say there are about 50 or so.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Watch Morgan Morph into Katherine Heigl, according to MyHeritage they are a 83% match

MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Old pics - Geneology

According to myheritage Brock is a 72% match with Jason Biggs

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

My sister had these on her blog and I thought that it would be kind of fun to try. Morgans is pretty good, she didn't even morph that much.

Trying Something New

Blogging seems to be the new "yuppie" thing to do, and I will try anything once so here we go. I have really enjoyed looking at my sister Meagans blog, as well as Morgans brother Court and his wifes.

Things here in Idaho are going great. The snow has finally started to melt and is almost completely gone here in Pocatello, but has a long ways to go in Malad. I have been busy getting all my stuff together and sent in to the state department of education, so I can hopefully land a teaching position here in town next fall (Morgan says that its about time I get a job :) ). This week I need to make the trip to Blackfoot and get a couple letters of recommendations to put in my portfolio. Other than that I am basically ready to start applying for jobs when they open up.

Morgan has been really busy between work, running her volleyball club, coaching, and playing in a city league. It hardly seems like I see her on the weeks that she has her 4 straight nights, of 12 hour shifts. The nice thing about her schedule is that every other week she has 5 days off so we still have lots of opportunities to go and do things together.

It amazes me that Morgan and I have been married now for two years. It seems like it was just the other day we were going to SLC to get married. However, if you were to ask her she might say its felt like at least two years. I have to admit I can be difficult to live with on occasion. Its been a great two years!