Saturday, July 5, 2008

Morgan and I went down to Malad for Independence Day. Its was good to celebrate our Nations Independence, and thank god that we are lucky enough to live in a free country. Morgans grandparents were even in the parade. They got to ride in the back of a buggy that was being pulled by a team of horses. Parades in small towns are the best because you know almost everyone that is in them. After the parade we just relaxed and visited our families. Morgans brother Court and his family came up from Utah, and her other brother Rocky came back from his internship at Hells Canyon Dam. As always Malads firework show was pretty impressive for a small town, however I don't think it was quite as good as it has been in the past. All in all it was a great holiday, I hope everyone else had a great Independence Day to.

This is just one of the nice old cars that was in the parade.

This was a very interesting looking car. The rumor around Malad was that this was one of only two cars like this that exist, the relative of someone in Malad owns this one and Jay Leno owned the other. Isn't it crazy how fast rumors can get around a small town.

Only in Malad do you see old tractors in the parade.

Here is a Picture of Morgans' Grandparents in the Independence Day parade.