Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Since it has been over a month since I have posted anything I thought that I should add a quick update. The only REAL BIG news that has happened since the last post is that my sister and Ben are going to be parents. Their baby is due around the 9th of January. Other then that Summer has definitely arrived here in Southeast Idaho. The average high temperature has been in the high 80's. Personally I wish it would go back to being 60 degrees and rainy.

Morgan has started doing volleyball stuff in preparation for the up coming session. So far she is pretty optimistic about the prospects of her team, but they have only had a couple of open gyms so far.

This past weekend the Crittenden's came up to Stone Reservoir for what has become an annual camp out. I got to go over and visit everyone for a couple of hours last Saturday. It was good to see them and just visit for a while. As usual my cousins seemed to be having a blast water skiing, and wake boarding behind Shawns' boat. They also looked like they were getting plenty of sun. Granny and Gramps even came up for a couple of days.

This is Stone Reservoir, its not very wide but its quite long. The Bright Blue color makes this one of the prettiest reservoirs that I have seen.

Here we all are sitting in the shade of some trees during the hottest part of the day just relaxing and visiting.

Granny enjoyed her time camping, well at least she enjoyed the company.