Friday, December 12, 2008

I am not very good and keeping everybody in the blogging world up to date on what has been going on in our lives, life just gets so busy. My sister told me that I had to post, because last sunday I had an eye injury. Even though the story sounds unbelievable its completely true.
Last sunday I went down to Malad to help my Dad catch 500 chukars so he could take them to Oregon to a hunting club that bought them. We started to catch the birds around 10:00 pm because they are easier to catch in the dark because they are roosting. All 500 birds were in the catch pen that is probably around 15ft by 15ft. We use big nets and then transfer the birds from the nets to the boxes that they will travel in. Because there are 500 birds in such a small pen birds fly everywhere. As I reached with the net to scoop some birds up one bird flew and hit me directly in the eye. I told you it was a pretty unbelievable story.
My eye is actually fine I can see good out of it still it just looks horrible because I broke a bunch of blood vessels which has caused it to turn red.
Here are a couple of pictures: