Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally a new post!

I know I am horrible at putting updates on the blog. As you can imagine alot has happened in the past 2 months since I last posted. Morgan is finally done with her club volleyball for the year. She has a few things this summer with her Shelley team (camps and stuff). My last day of school was June 5th, its good to have one year behind me. I also signed my contract for next year back out at Aberdeen, so I will at least have a job until August 2010 which is great considering the shape the economy is in right now.
Most of you already know that Morgan and I are expecting a baby around the 2nd of December, so she is just under 16 weeks along. The doctor wanted to have an ultra-sound done at her last appointment to kinda pin-point the due date so below is a scan of one of the ultrasound pictures.

So far this summer I have only been able to go camping once because it has been unusually rainy lately. I went up North Canyon just outside of Malad for one evening and pitched the tent Morgans family got me for Christmas. It worked really good, it rained all night but I slept dry. I hope that once it stops raining everyday I will be able to go camping a few more times this summer. Below are a few pitures of what I have been doing so far this summer.

My camp spot up North Canyon

The pictures above were taken on a hike in the mountains just to the west of Pocatello. It you look closely in the one picture you can see a deer. On the way back to the car from this hike I got caught in a rain storm and got soaked (not that much fun).

This is a picture of a Reeves/Ringneck pheasant cross. The guy that my dad gets the game bird chicks from had a bunch of extra birds this spring so he brought a bunch down and released them on our property up North Canyon. Its awesome to just drive out through the field and be able to see 10-15 birds every time.